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Fairy Wall Decor. Country Heart Decor.

Fairy Wall Decor

fairy wall decor

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  • A fairy (also faery, faerie, fay, fae; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, etc.)Briggs, Katharine Mary (1976) An Encyclopedia of Fairies. New York, Pantheon Books. "Euphemistic names for fairies" p. 127 ISBN 0-394-73467-X.

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  • The furnishing and decoration of a room

  • The decoration and scenery of a stage

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fairy wall decor - Amy Brown

Amy Brown Believe Collectible Purple Fairy Wall Decor by The Bradford Exchange

Amy Brown Believe Collectible Purple Fairy Wall Decor by The Bradford Exchange

Collectible Fairy Wall Decor Casts a Tantalizing Spell! Exclusive Limited Edition Inspired by Fantasy Artist Amy Brown! - Let your imagination take flight! This stunning collectible fairy wall decor art showcases crystalline wings glittering with starlight as she gracefully floats upon the shadows and mist of midnight. Teased by a whispering wind, her flowing cape billows out, revealing a reflection of her own wistful spirit. Don't miss this chance to follow her to a realm of wonder, where all things are possible if you just Believe!Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, this limited-edition purple fairy decoration is inspired by the work of renowned fantasy artist Amy Brown. You'll be amazed at the hand-cast, hand-painted 2D and 3D details of this exotic fairy sculpture. Enchantingly detailed from its dazzling wings of sparkling crystalline to Ms. Brown's magical fairy portrait reproduced in vivid hues and enhanced by the word, "Believe." Don't wait to fall under the tantalizing spell of this fine collectible fairy wall decor, or to give it as a mesmerizing collectible fairy gift - strong demand is expected! Order now!
Premiere issue in the Realm of Wonder collection
Makes a special addition to your fantasy art collection or a mesmerizing collectible fairy gift
Edition strictly limited to 295 casting days, so order now
Certificate of Authenticity
Measures 8-1/2" H; 21.6 cm H

83% (16)

NunoFelt Shawl - Spring Sanctification

NunoFelt Shawl - Spring Sanctification

Fine and soft shawl accented with light wool nunofelt motive could gratify either abstraction-loving ladies or tender fairies :-)
This accessory is made to exalt and highlight Your subtlety and Femininity...
Felted part of the shawl with a hole is originally used to thread the second end through.

The gauze is plant dyed in tree color tones.

Even thought each shawl is a hand made original, I decided to put this piece into CUSTOMIZABLE and CUSTOM-MADE category. I can make a special one for You in about 2-5 days. Each piece will be a bit different as every hand made, but with the same motive and similar colors.
Or You can try to explain Your image and we will see :-)

Gauze shawl with felted motive is non-allergic.
Even ladies with a sensitive skin could wear it, because no party of the body will come into a contact with wool.

If You don't like to utilize my creation as a cloth accessory, You can simply use it as an interior decoration. Airy and gauzy material make advances to the games of lights.

Lenght: 75-85" (190-215cm)
Width: 35" (90cm)

Fairy Wall Jewelry and Accesories Holder for Girls

Fairy Wall Jewelry and Accesories Holder for Girls

Your wish will be come true with this sweet fairy jewelry holder. What a great way to organize your girl’s jewelry. This jewelry holder is made of wood and entirely handcrafted / hand painted by me.

fairy wall decor

fairy wall decor


Surround yourself with beautiful decorative art tile.You deserve a personal touch and aritstic touch of art on ceramic tiles.The versatility and dependability of art on tile ensure that you get jut the type of tile art desing you love.Unique Tile Art work with fine finish work. Perfect Art tile to display in your home,,rooms,wall,desk. Let this beautiful custom art tile bring out the best in your home decor.
* Back comes with support to perfectly display it on your favorite area * Art tile size is about 4" X 8" * the design you see if that one you get * This exclusive tile gift boxes are inspired on book The Hobbit and full of world of fantasy .this collection and ilustrations are inspiration of wizards of the Coast's Dungeon and Dragons rule books.

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